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The French City in Quebec

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The Greyhound Bus Service was OK and the cost was a little bit expensive at $150 for the two of us, however, it was 8 hours before we pulled into Montreal bus station.

We walked the short distance around to the Hostel (The Alexandria Montreal) was OK and we checked into our little double room. The best thing was that there was a kitchen and a private lounge as it was a small Suite and although there was another room, nobody else moved in for the three nights that we were there... so it wasn't too bad :)

The Bed was a bit scanky... however... it had to be one of the most comfortable we'd slept in for a while.

We walked down into town the following morning only to realise that it was the Montreal Jazz Festival! I know it sounds stupid but we'd not realised and wondered why we'd struggled to get a hostel.

There were live bands playing and loads and loads of people everywhere.

We popped to the Tourist Information centre to see what was on and what we could see whilst in Montreal. They spoke French (which was fun since our French is Rubbish!)and unfortunately for us only had information on the province of Quebec... which is how the Tourist Information people seem to work in Canada.

The guy was helpful though as he gave us the web site addresses for the rest of the provinces in Canada... however..... in terms of trying to work out a route and transport options etc. we struggled a bit.

On the way home we happened to stumble on a massive parade which seemed to be celebrating Carribean links in Montreal and had loads and loads of Music and colourful dancers all dressed like the Rio Carnival!


We did a cloths wash using the flat's washing machine and dryer (which was an added bonus as it was free) and then spent time in the Internet cafe trying to find out what and where to go ???

That night we went to the casino, which was funny as they only took mastercards to get cash and we only had Visa's :) So we didn't do much gambling (Which is a good thing!) but did manage to scrape enough together to get some food and a beer or two!

We woke up early (For once) and headed to get some "free" breakfast. Chatted with some of the other backpackers (most of which weren't backpackers and were locals Canadians or Americans staying in a cheap hotel for the night) We're finding this quite a bit, which makes it extra hard to get any advice or opinions on where to go and how to travel around this massive country.

We bought a Sim card for our phone (which is Quad Band so Canada is Band 3...) and it worked more surprisingly (However, we only had the choice of one supplier in Canada)

There are more than one, however, Virgin etc. just piggy back on the Rogers (Canada's Vodafone) network and don't support the network European phones work on (or something like that anyway!).

Fido, who is the network we finally went with, is a subsidiary of Rogers (so we had the massive choice of ONE Network operator) and it cost us $20 for a new SIM with $10 of sim credit.

That afternoon we walked down to the "Old Town" in Montreal.

Here we walked around the Huge and Beautiful Basilica Notre Dam.


It was fantastic, and we spent a while just gawping at the masonary and decorations on the inside.


The Church started as a protestant Church, however, was converted to a Catholic Church later on.
It did however have a Protestant section at the back which was also quite impressive.


We quite like Montreal and although it's supposed to be the party town of Canada, we didn't do much partying while we were there... however... it's very much a european City (Which, unfortunately, doesn't excite us as Europeans quite as much as it might excite Americans or the likes)

We catch the Bus Tomorrow to head to Toronto, Ontario and leave Little France behind (For Now!)

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We`re off again

Flight to Boston and then Up to Montreal.... Canada

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Just so we`ve set up another blog site and this on should be a bit bigger and little bit better (maybe not in the locations though :)

Anyway, we arrived in the Good Ol`USA without a scratch... well... apart from being given the wrong seats... standing in queue for a couple of hours and then finiding out that we`d missedc the "Terrorist" attacks by two hours... which was nice....

Customs in the US were fine and we made it through OK.

Arrived in Boston and headed to Jurys Hotel (which is where we`d decided to stay as it was our first stop and we always spoil ourselves on our first stop!)

The hotel was brill and we decided to stay for another three days as a result (so we could also go and see the July 4th celebrations in Boston Harbour!)


Did the usual >Touristy things... the Freedom Trail, went to Harvard University (which I can now say!) and went whale watching... as well as visiting Cheers bar and enjoying the food and booze along the way!



Met some guys in the Cheers Bar and they decided to have an argument about Who's Dog was the best... they had photo's on their Mobiles.... here's the pictures so you guys can be the judges! They were both Large Drunk Middle Aged Guys ;) Arguing about which one's pooch was the best...........Very Very Funny !


Loved the city and highly recommended as a first stop or your only stop in the USA!


The Night Life was excellent and the City was very safe!


We booked the bus to Montreal and arrived after a 7 hour journey... which wasn`t too bad if not a bit expensive ($75 one way)

We`ve managed to get a hostel in Montreal (although it`s the Jazz festival at the moment and the town is throbbing!) Neat few days are to be spent bumming around and organising what we`re going to do whilst in Canada and more importantly.... how we`re going to get there to do whatever it is :)


Al and Steph.

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