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OK... we were on the train... heading for Churchill.... It's long trip... How long we were about to find out !

The next afternoon, having spent 15 hours on the train already, we arrived at “The Pas”, pronounced “Pah”…. 2 hours late. We’d seen the scenery change from rolling hills and fields to trees…. Lots of trees…. And more trees. The night had come and gone and we were still in the trees (although they were getting smaller)

We left and headed up to Churchill…. We trundled along the tracks at 15kph…. The tracks hadn’t been maintained for years and it was here we heard about the politics of Canadian Rail.


We’d been hearing historical aspects of the Trans Canadian Railway for a while now…. However… we were no longer on the Trans Canadian and the rail link to Churchill (which was the only way, together with flying there, to get there…. There’s no roads out here!) had been left for years to deteriorate as a result.

The Rail Lines are owned by CN Rail…. This company was bought over by an American Company some years earlier and these guys make their money on Freight transport. Passenger services are run by Via Rail (which is Canadian Owned) However, the line up to Churchill wasn’t a very profitable one in terms of Freight… so naturally…. The law of economics had taken over and so less and less money was being invested into maintaining the line.


The train tracks undulated and buckled as we crept along them towards Churchill. We saw the remnants of some Freight carriages strewn along the side of the track which had derailed a couple of weeks earlier, hence the speed limits on the track had been lowered… and we hoped… was being adhered to.

Night fell and the trees crept passed us, getting ever smaller as we headed into the Tundra.

By morning the trees had all but gone and we were now officially on the Canadian Acrtic Tundra.

There was still the odd tree…stunted and brittle… but more often small bushes and lakes surrounded the train as we continued on our slow slog North.

Finally…. And I mean Finally…. We saw the small town of Churchill and pulled into the station….. 10 and a half hours late!


We’d booked into a small B&B called Vera Goulds, so we walked the 10 minute walk up to the house. Vera was an old lady of 80+ who owned and ran the hostel with the help of some home help. She was a nice older lady who’d obviously seen a lot in her life and as a result could come over as being a short at times… however… the beds were immaculate and the house clean.

We popped to a small café called Gypsies (which was to be our regular haunt over the coming 5 days) and then went to bed. The night was cloudy so we decided not to stay up to try and see the Northern Lights that evening…. Bed was calling!


Churchill is right on the edge of the Hudson Sea, and the Hudson River runs alongside the town. Historically the place was strategic as a gateway to the Northern Islands and their Seals and Whales etc. However, these days… the place is world famous for it’s Polar Bears (although we weren’t there in Polar Bear Season) and it’s Beluga Whales (for which it was currently peak season…. Yeahhh !)

We booked on a Whale Watching tour with one of two operators in town (Sea North Tours) and after a bried tour of the Old Fort Williams Fort… we headed out into the Hudson to see the Belugas.


Neither of us had seen Belugas and suddenly we found ourselves surrounded by hundreds of whales… whistling and calling all around us. They approached the boats and the guys put a hydraphone into the water so we could hear them more clearly… however…. To be honest you could hear them just as well from outside the water.

It was fantastic as we watched the whales swim back and forth around the boat in pods of up to 30 or so.

We arrived home enthralled after our whale experience and after tea (At gypsies of course) headed to bed early ready to get up to see the Northern lights early in the morning…..

The alarm went off at 2am……..

We got up……..

Looked outside……..

Saw Clouds……

No Northern Lights…..

Went back to bed! :(


After a lovely Vera’s Breakfast we spent the day exploring the Town of Churchill. We visited the Eskimo Museum (they prefer to be called Inuits, not Eskimos, and yet the museum which was run by Inuit people was still called the “Eskimo Museum”…. Strange!)

Anyway, we also visited the few shops in town… mostly full of expensive stone and Ivory carvings, saw many a stuffed Polar Bear around the Hotels etc. and then we booked onto the Tundra Buggy Half Day Tour to go and see if we could find any Polar Bears (Unlikely though that was)

It was Expensive… however… we decided to go anyway and together with about 7 others we boarded the small Transit van to take us out to where the Tundra Buggies left from.


The Buggies themselves were something to behold. They were Massive Monster Trucks with huge wheels and they had about 2 metres ground clearance.

So we set off…. It was a bumpy ride and luckily the Monster Truck seemed to handle nearly every kind of terrain I could think of. Sand…Rocks (Massive Boulders), mud etc. etc. the Tundra Buggy just rolled on through (or rather over) it all!

After and hour we began to get disillusioned and even our guide was beginning to run out of things to show us on the trip… and then finally… he put his foot down and headed over some boulders towards a peninsula with some rocks on it….. rocks… is that all !!!

Then one of the rocks Moved !


It was a Polar Bear ! Whayhaeeee.

It had snuggled itself amongst the Larger Rocks where it was happily Sun Bathing.

We sat there for about half an hour watching it from a distance… hoping it would get adventurous and approach us for a better picture or two….. it didn’t. Obviously it was far too comfortable where it was so it stayed there!

Our Guide Gave us all a chance to drive on teh way back too... which was fun!


We were exstatic…. Our first Bear in Canada… and a Polar Bear at that !

We headed home… had our tea andGypsies (again!) and sent to bed ready to get up to see the Northern Lights.

The alarm went off at 2am……..

We got up……..

Looked outside……..

Saw Clouds……

No Northern Lights…..

Went back to bed!

Feck !

Today we hired a Van (which was recommended to us as the best ways of seeing Churchill)… so after some initial planning in terms of our route around Churchill (along the somewhat limited road network) we set off in our Hire Van (Come Monster Truck)


Vera had lent us a Claxon (Personal Fog Horn) incase we ran into any polar bears whilst out on the tundra so with our weaponry loaded… we headed off.

We stopped at Polar Bear Jail which was literally a Jail for Polar Bears. They operate the three strikes and your out rule up here… so if a polar bear was seen roaming around the town centre… they’d scare it away three times…. Then it was off to the jail until the winter came for it if it kept on returning!


We saw the traps they set around the Town during the peak season as there are some 2000 polar bears roaming the tundra around Churchill in about October November time.


The Ice freezes first at this point of the Hudson Bay so the polar bears congregate here ready to get back on the ice so they can get back to doing what they do best…. Hunting and eating Seals!

After the Jail we headed off to Miss Piggy which was an airplane that had crashed some years earlier…. With miraculously enough…. No fatalities!


We Popped along a sandy track (Where we got stuck for a wee while!) to go and see the wreck of the Ithica…. It’s rusted up and breaking up now… however… together with getting stuck in the sand and having to use buried rocks under each wheel to get out… it was fun  Steph wasn’t too happy when we managed to get the Van out and I drove off though….. think the line was :

“There’s Feckin Polar Bears out here you tw*t”

or something like that :)

We visited the Rocket Base (Now Abandoned where NASA used to test rockets) and then in the distance I spotted something White.

We drove closer and managed to see that it was a Polar Bear….

Excited we drove up to where it was at the side of a track and stupidly, in our excitement, I approached too quickly and the bear spotted us. It had a dead Canadian Goose in it’s Jaws and it hurtled off into the Bushes.

Now seeing something that size (remember a polar bear is over 3 meters tall when it stands on it’s back legs… and is the only known mammal which will actively Hunt down Humans!) hurtle along into the bushes made us kind of happy to be in a monster truck (even though it was most probably the size of the damn thing that scared off the bear in the first place…. That’s’ my excuse anyway :)

Either way we hung around to see if it would pop back out of the bushes, which it didn’t so we headed off back to Churchill, Polar Bear Number 2 having been snapped (even if somewhat blurred)


The Next Day was to be our final Day in Churchill and as such we’d arranged to go Snorkeling with the Belugas!

Yep… finally after searching for somewhere where we could swim with Whales…. Churchill…. The most unlikeliest of places was able to offer us both the opportunity to snorkel with these magnificent creatures.

The only problem was…. It was cold…. And we were due to leave that day…. So we booked the early dive time….

That morning we were awoken by the sound of Loud Bangs, like big crackers, going off all around. We thought nothing of it and went to our early Snorkel. Apparently... a Bear was in town when one of the guys was walking to Work in Gypsies.... Imagine stumbling over a Polar Bear at 5:30am in the Morning.... One way to wake you up anyway :)

IT was 7am when we arrived at the Port and it was cold !

We put on 7mm thick Wet Suits, Gloves, Hats, Shoes… every part of our body (apart from our faces was covered in Rubber!)

We jumped into the Zodiac (with 2 others, only one of which was snorkeling) and moved out into the River.

We had ropes on either side of the Zodiac, so we lowered ourselves into the Frigid Hudson and (having got over the initial shock of loosing my Manhood and my tonsils) waited for the whales.

You hear them before you see them and the Clacks and Whistles rang out in the water. It was pretty Murky with the visibility down to about three meters, however, suddenly a White Ghost Shape would flit past underneath. The Noises would Intensify and then finally about three or four Whales would swim underneath you.


Now we’ve swam with Dolphins before and they weren’t really interested in you… more you were dropped in their way as they swam.

Belugas are very, very different.

They would swim underneath you and Look up at you. Then they’d circle round and turn so their bellies were towards you. This was so they could get a good look at you. And this happened loads of times!

I found myself smiling constantly as they rolled in underneath you (only a meter or so away and in some cases close enough to touch) with their flippers in the air facing you… like they were waving at you or saying hello… It was great and I also found myself Waving back at them like a little boy….

It was Fantastic and we both really loved the whole experience.

An Hour later and minus what felt like some toes and fingers and maybe our faces… we pulled ourselves out of the water and headed to shore.

A Definite Highlight of our trip so far and I would say one of the best experiences so far in my life!

We got back in a good mood and prepared to leave to head back on the train to Winnipeg….


It was delayed… no surprises there….. However… this time up it had been delayed by the rail lines being washed away in a flood in Thompson (some 200 Miles down track from Churchill)

It was going to be delayed quite a bit…..

Well…. Lets Put it like this…… we went back to Veras and booked ourselves in for another night. The train would finally leave Tomorrow Morning…

On Time….. just a day late !

However… we didn’t care…. It’s well worth any delay to see and experience Churchill and we both really loved the place, the people and most importantly the Wildlife.

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Central Canada

North Ontario to Winnipeg

sunny -17 °C
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We stayed the night in Toronto and then headed off on the train the following day to Winnipeg.

En Route one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time happened....

We were delayed (but of course) and as we trundled along the tracks, the train suddenly came to an unscheduled stop.

Now we were beginning to find out the reasons for the delays on Canadian trains.... the most important one being that Freight gets priority over passengers in Canada

Yep... that's right..... if you're a cow on a train you get priority over people!

somewhat fitting I reckon, however..... annoying when you continually have to pull over as there's on single tracks along most of Canadian railways so you have to pull over to let a train full of wood go flying past !!!

Anyway…. The train had stopped and yet there was no other train heading in our direction. We popped our heads out of the window (which you weren’t supposed to do) and could see a guy carrying a Canoe on his back climbing on board the train!

Firstly…. A Canoe and a Kayak are different!
A Kayak had a top to it. A Canoe doesn’t. So if you capsize in a Canoe… you sink!

Secondly… What the heck was a guy in the middle of nowhere (we were surrounded by trees and nothing else… no station.… no town… no roads) doing flagging down the train.

Was he in danger…. Was he lost…. Was he a fugitive on the run……………

Nope…. Apparently… here in Canada you can do that !

Yep absolutely… you can flag down a passing train (albeit within a certain section of track….. which is about 500kms long) and the train will stop for you, pick you up… and take you to the next stop or wherever you want to go !

How cool is that !!!

I loved this about Canadian trains…. And since they’re obviously not in a rush to get anywhere particularly fast…. And we were already delayed by some 5 hours by this point… what the heck…eh ????!!!!

On the train, Steph and I got chatting to two older ladies sitting opposite and they said they’d had lunch with a Welsh Couple also on the train.

This couple turned out to be Simon and Natalie and they were staying in the same hostel as us in Winnipeg.

We arrived in the lovely Building that is Winnipeg Train Station and walked the mile or so to the hostel (Steph could have killed me for suggesting to walk as it was a nice night!)

Anyway, the four of us checked in and then (since it was getting late decided we’d head down the road for a shandy or two!)

We all stumbled in about 4am (I think) However…. I was in no state to do anything as I’d run out of cigarettes in the bar and had unbeknownst to myself, partaken in a very popular tradition in Canada…. Smoked some Dope !

Now this stuff was mental…. And I mean mental !

They don’t put tobacco or anything else in their joints over here…. And it’s really, really strong !

After a couple of puffs… I started to see Squares floating around the room and even though I tried to control it… peoples heads started to change into multicoloured squares also…. It was at this point I calmly walked up to Steph and asked if I could go home!

For some reason I insisted on getting a taxi back the 100 yards to the Hostel…. I don’t remember any of this.

The next day was a late one we walked into town and went on a short Boat trip along the river and walked across the new pedestrian suspension bridge.


We happened upon a load of First Nations or Aborigine people (Red Indian People like to be called either of these two names) and they were celebrating the start of a small festival in Winnipeg. Here the drums were beating and the People were dancing in a large Ring. The Children joined in and everyone seemed to be having a great time.


One guy was the Resident Hoop Dancer and as a result started the drums off so he could perform his hoop dance where he hurled himself in and out of the hoops and arranged them in geometric shapes.


I reckon we were all still drunk (or whatever) as we stood there watching for about an hour… just watching like in a trance (once again in my case!!)

We’d heard about a statue dedicated to a small bear who was the pet of a soldier that died in the war and was given to London Zoo. This bear was called Winnie (as it was from Winnipeg) and in turn was visited by A.A.Milne as a child and the rest is history.

The best I could do was to get a piccie of a Red Squirrel !!!


As a result... this guy was nicknamed Winnie also (as he was from Winnipeg Also!)

Unfortunately for us… it was well out of town and with hangovers in tow, none of us could be bothered traveling for 15 minutes in a taxi to see a statue… so we walked back to the Hostel via the Golden Boy on the Top of Legislative Building, where we saw the “Golden Boy” shining on top, walked along to the Corner of Portage and Main streets (which happened to be the windiest corner in Canada… something to do with the way the buildings are and how they funnel the air down to a single point)


Anyway, it was windy there so we weren’t disappointed… although the other guys didn’t seem as interested in seeing the Windiest corner in Canada as I was… I thought it was cool.

That night was a quiet one and we went to bed early ready for our train up to Churchill tomorrow.

We arrived at the station with Simon and Natalie as they were heading off to Jasper and their train was delayed also. We sat around and chatted before we said goodbye as they boarded their train and then two hours later Steph and I jumped on board the somewhat emptier train to Churchill…… spookily so !

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Quebec City

Lovely Little City

sunny 26 °C
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The Overnight train from Halifax seemed to be a bit more of a challenge as we had to get off in a small station called Charny at 4:30 am. This never happened as the train was delayed (this will be a reoccurring theme we’d find out over the coming month) so, luckily in this case, we were gifted 2 more hours sleep.

We arrived at Charny and there were taxi's waiting for us. After a short spin into town we had a steep walk uphill to the Hotel we'd booked for the night (once again an Internet Special)


Quebec City is a Citadel City and is situated right on the top of a Natural Cliff Alongside the River.

It's a great place for a fortress and as a result the French and British had been arguing over the place for many a year. Luckily that all seems to have passed these days so we were welcomed to the Hotel (which was lovely) as oppo0sed to being slaughtered as invaders.

The city is beautiful with small cobble stoned streets running up and down and since we'd managed to get within the Old Walled section of the city everywhere around us seemed to be from the 17th century, apart from being clean and well kept which I'm sure the place wouldn't have been 200 years ago :)

We spent the remainder of the day walking around the city.


We walked past the Basilica towards Chareau Fontenac (the most famous Hotel in Quebec... for obvious reasons) down the Petit Champlain (which was full of tourists) so we escaped up the hill in a Funicular (similar to those on Scarborough beach)

We then walked along the Terrasse Dufferin Boardwalk with great views over the St Lawrence River.

We then popped to the Observatory to get a slightly more elevated view of the city being that it was on the 31st floor.


We then visited the Fort and then went back into town where we decided to pop into a little restaurant for tea.


The Walled City of Quebec City was a beautiful city and took us most of the day to explore most of it’s little treasures. It wasn’t expensive (In Canadian Terms) either and after a good feed (Snails and Caribou.. don’t think you can get a more French Canadian meal !)

We packed our rucksacks ready for the next journey on the train. We were up early in the morning and since it was downhill to the station the walk from the hotel was much easier.

We boarded the train and headed back to Toronto ….. De Ja Vu or what???

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Salty Bear

3 day tour of Nova Scotia dna Prince Edward Island

sunny 22 °C
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Kelty (Our tour guide who was all of 18) grabbed my rucksack off me and threw it onto the top of the van (which is no mean feat being that it's up to about 18 kilos now!)

She was pleasant enough and we then headed down to the Hi Hostel (which is much more central) to pick up the remainder of the passengers. There was a good mix of people on the bus (which was full in that there were 12 of us in the back of a minivan) and a good range of ages and nationalities also.

We stopped en route at a Tim Hortons (like a coffee shop chain) or “Timmy Ho’s” as Kelty kept calling it. We were to be popping into quite a few “Timmy Ho’s” over the coming three days.

We stopped at a small park en route to pay Carmen (The Owner) and after the dirty deeds were done… we were off again in out little bus.

We stopped in a small petrol station and some of the guys chose to drive some go karts for a few minutes. I decided to have a go at the batting cage!

There were 2 lanes (one medium and one fast) Naturally I chose the Fast lane, put on my helmet and lined up to hit my first pitch…..

Whoosh…. The ball flew past…. I never even flinched… or swung for that matter… Damn these things go fast. And to think that these things are a bit slower than the real thing in a base ball match. Those pitchers are good !

Second one….miss.

Third one…. Miss.

I was officially Struck out…. However…. I persevered and eventually managed to get the jist of it after a few more pitches and even hit the last few balls before my money ran out!

So that was one more thing I could strike off my list….. I’m not a natural Baseball player!

After a bit more driving we popped down to the beach and had lunch (which we’d bought ourselves…. Salty Bear only provided the transport… no food, no extras, no accommodation!) And it wasn’t that cheap either…. Mind you…. Not a lot is here in Canada!

Cheese….. what the feck’s up with the price of cheesed over here !

One small block of cheese….. $6…… Minimum (And that’s the supermarkets Own brand stuff!) That’s 3 pounds sterling for a small block of cheese! All dairy stuff’s expensive over here…. Apparently there’s a monopoly going on with all the dairy providers….. viva le revolution!
We digress….

So after a hour on the beach (the weather was lovely yet no one braved the waves) we drove to Cape Breton to our hostel for the night. Here we were offered hiking, or kayaking (additional cost for the hire of the Kayaks….but of course!) We chose Kayaking and Steph and I went with a few others down to the waters edge to pick up the Kayaks.

The lake was flat calm and the sky blue…. So Steph and I got into our Kayak (one each and not a double one for the first time in ages!!! He..he….Steph’s gotta paddle this time!)


It was beautiful and we kayaked around a small island along the lake to a small secluded beach. We stopped briefly here…where I got bitten to feck by mosquitoes (whilst Steph didn’t…hmmm ???) and then paddled back past a bald eagles nest.


Back at the hostel, we cooked tea (Spaghetti Bolognese for 10) and then got bitten to feck again by the mossies whilst sitting at the camp fire being shown how to make smoors (not sure how you spell it) which is a Canadian Camp Fire delicacy (Basically it’s a cracker …like a cream cracker… with a melted marshmallow and some melted chocolate on it) the Girls seemed to like them anyway.


Off early in the morning and we headed up towards Cape Breton National Park where we walked along the cliffs on the Cabot Trail where we saw some spectacular scenery and wildlife (we even saw our first (and second) moose, mooses, moosen ….. more than one moose!


We then drove onwards to “Pleasure Point”…oooeeerrr ???

Here’s we jumped into a boat to go and see some whales (which we paid for in addition once again)

They were Long Finned Pilot Whales and they roamed the coast along the North of Cape Breton. There was a rumor that we might have seen possibly a Blue Whale…. However…unfortunately… that’s exactly what it turned out to be…a rumor! The captain reckoned he’d been doing the trip for 25 years and he’d seen 1…once!


We did discover that they still hunted seals up here in the winter… which was quite astounding as the seals were very reclusive when the boat went near (No Wonder we thought!)


After another trip to a beach as the weather was lovely we headed back to the same hostel on cape Breton (which was owned by the Salty bear company and as such only had us there… which was quite good) had tea, got bitten by the mossies (again.. have we learnt nothing I ask!) and then went to bed after a few shandies and smoors around the camp fire.

7am and we’re off again.

Today we headed to catch the ferry to Prince Edward Island. The ferry journey was nice and just over an hour later we unloaded and headed over the island. The scenery was pretty and after a few stops at lighthouses on the way we ended up in Charlotte Town. We checked into the University Campus and after a trip to the local brewery restaurant and then onto to a later bar we arrived back in bad around 1am (a bit worse for ware)

Our last day was a bit subdued (being that most of us were a bit hungover!) and after our Timmy Ho’s Coffee we headed down towards Cavendish (the Home of some chick called Anna of Green Gables who is in a book or something…. Well I didn’t know who she was… apparently she’s quite famous anyway)

So we hung around here for a while before we managed to get some hire bikes together and headed off for a nice bike ride to Cavendish beach which was nice and secluded.

We crossed the Centenary Bridge (across to the mainland from Prince Edward Island) and some 18kms later arrived back in New Brunswick. Here we stopped to get some photos of the bridge (where we were bitten again by mossies…. Massive ones’s…. I even got bitten through my shirt and jeans!!!)


We arrived At Amherst Station with an hour to spare before our train arrived…. Or so we thought!

We got our bags, said our goodbyes to the gang (most of which were stying on the trip for another two days) and then waited for the train….

Suddenly it arrived….. literally only 5 minutes after we’d been dropped off !!! How lucky were we…. We’d messed up the times and thought it arrived later.

Our bags were chucked on, we then boarded and off we went agin on the train…. Off into the big unknown expanses of Canada…….

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Via Rail Around Canada....

Eastern Canada and the Maritimes

semi-overcast 15 °C
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We checked out of the Fairmont and with that said goodbye to flash hotels etc. for the next month or so... from here on in we were backpacking proper (or so we thought)

We boarded the Train with our prepared sandwiches at 6:30 pm.... luckily we'd been able to check in our luggage at 12pm and had spent the day wondering around the Massive Underground shopping mall (aka city) in Montreal.


We'd chatted to a Canadian Lady called Cathy who was also traveling to Halifax with us on the train and we all sat in which ever seats were available.

There's nothing too flashy about Economy class travel on Via Rail (Canada's National Rail Service)... just a seat, and small pull down table on the back of the seat in front and a foot rest (which did pop up though so it would have been great if you were about three foot tall!)

We were on the overnight train and funnily enough we did manage to get some sleep whilst wedged in our seats (I'd decided against using the Foot rest thingy as I kept getting pins and needles as my leg kept getting stuck in between the rest and the wall!!!)

Anyway, a day and half later.... we arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia!.... 4 hours late...... hmmm.....

Luckily for us, Cathy (the lady we'd been speaking to on the train) offered us a lift to our hostel) and we checked into the dorm before heading our for some supper. We crashed out early, ready for our exploration of Halifax City the following day.

Halifax is on the far East of Canada (only surpassed by Nova Scotia which is further
North and East) and as such is a large Port Town. As a result, the area we were staying in was a little bit run down, however, the centre of town and the waterfront was pleasant enough.

We’d been toying with the idea of doing a tour around the North of Nova Scotia and there was a company called “Salty Bear” that organized Backpacker trips around the area…. It wasn’t the cheapest, however, luckily they had a trip leaving in two days… so we booked ourselves on it.

The following day Cathy had offered to take us on a tour South of Halifax to the more touristy part of the Maritimes. She picked us up nice and early and we headed off towards Peggy’s Cove.

It was a lovely setting (much like the West of Ireland) however, the place was ransacked with Tourists :) We were also welcomed with a Scottish Bagpiper on entering the lighthouse and also an accordion player sat on the lighthouse door entrance…. All plying their trade well, however, somewhat annoyingly to anyone other than the droves of Americans and Canadians that seemed to love this stuff!!!!


“I’m from Ireland you know”….. yeah right !!! Maybe your great great great great great grand pappie was… that doesn’t mean you were…feckin idiots !

Having seen Peggy’s Cove and then popped down to Lunenberg (another old fishing town) Cathy dropped us off back at the hostel and we went to bed early ready for our Salty bear trip the following day.

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